gunsmithDown Range Indoor Training Center currently has two gunsmiths that can properly diagnose and repair most of your firearms repair needs.  Between the two of them, they boast decades of hands-on experience.   We currently do all types of repairs from function checks and safety inspections to major work.  If you need gunsmithing done to your firearm, please make Down Range your first call.

Call to set up your appointment (530) 896-1992 or email your question to:



Although custom gunsmithing is charged out at $80.00 per hour, there are several basic services we perform below that rate.



Minimum charge per firearm (no exceptions).  This includes basic services such as function checks stand safety inspections.  We can also do a function check and a safety inspection with a test-fire for $10.00 more (plus the cost of any non-typical ammunition).  Laser sighting and bore sighting are also included in this rate.

Quick Clean


Price includes field strip, oil, inspection of parts and reassembly.
*Additional charge for heavy dirt, oil, or heavy rust – i.e. military guns add $30.00

Deep Clean


Price includes complete detail strip, cleaning, oil, inspection of parts, reassembly, and estimate of any repairs needed.*Additional charge for heavy dirt, oil, or heavy rust – i.e. military guns add $30.00